The history of our College shows us that our old boys have formed the vanguard of support for the many initiatives we have taken over the years and decades to maintain the infrastructure and facilities of our alma mater. Without the solidarity of our alumni nothing would have been possible thus far.  I take this opportunity to thank the STC OBA, the OBA branches overseas, every batch and class group and all individual old boys who have helped the College in so many ways over the years. We all owe our alma mater a “nurture fee” for “all we have and are”.

The College has changed a lot over time and today we are faced with many challenges such as retaining the best teachers, maintaining and upgrading the old buildings and providing modern facilities to meet the demands of developing the standard of education and of all the multifarious extra curricular activities that the school offers.

The STC Global Fund that will be launched to coincide with the 141st Royal Thomian Cricket encounter has been sanctioned by the STC Board of Governors and is a novel method for channeling funds to support the continuing work of the College.

Donating a minimum of Rs 1000/- to Rs 5000/- every month to our alma mater may not cost us much but it will add up to a lot for the College.

I commend this initiative and encourage all of you to donate and to make this a successful,  ongoing and sustainable  project that will benefit our alma mater.

Thank you

Esto Perpetua

Rev. Marc Billimoria Warden